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Martin Wells

Martin Wells

Dedication to Martin Wells: 10/6/27 - 20/6/11

On 20th June 2011, Martin Wells sadly passed away. I know of no other Governor held in such high regard and respect by his staff. His firm but fair, kind and generous nature resulted in the loyalty of every member of the Wells team. Always on hand to assist and advise, his knowledge and leadership ensured that the business was in safe hands. Ultimately for Martin the welfare of his staff and customers was of paramount importance. I was inspired by Martin's business mind and was privileged to work with him. He instilled in me his high values and standards in all aspects of the business, giving me the sure knowledge of a tried and trusted foundation. Those cherished lessons have proved invaluable and assures that Wells continues to provide the highest standard of work and care.

Martin's passing leaves a void that can never be filled. Tony, Pete, Tony, Jason and I are privileged to have worked alongside him and are honoured to have known him. Governor - we miss you.